Critique of “US is an Oligarchy?” Part 1: Theory of Oligarchy

“[race, women, gays, ethnicity, religion, morality, guns, or the environment] are issues of great importance to many ordinary citizens, but of only limited and cross-cutting concern to the wealthy. […] the skewed distribution of wealth in the United States is a source of oligarchy, and [one] that US political scientists […] ought to pay much more attention to these issues. […] The political left has been shouting about this the whole time and being ignored (or not given it’s fair share of publicity by the oligarchical mass media apparatus) perhaps because it isn’t part of the privileged intelligentsia that “labor as salaried advocates and defenders of core oligarchic interests”.” … More Critique of “US is an Oligarchy?” Part 1: Theory of Oligarchy

An honest interview

“Why do you want to work for us?

You have positions available and since the economy’s in the shitter and I’m struggling to pay the rent on my crappy bedsit so some buy-to-let scrounger can go on holiday a few times a year while the rest of the world is told to blame us poor bastards for not working hard enough, I was hoping you’d be empathetic enough to not ask such a stupid question.” … More An honest interview